welcome to Hummingbird Montessori School

We offer an authentic Montessori education program with a modern twist that integrates traditional, 21st century and play-based early childhood practices.  Our students are introduced to diverse educational approaches that are key in helping them not only reach their full potential but prepare for all types of learning and experiences they will meet in life. All of our teachers are highly skilled in Montessori philosophy – always making sure to follow the child.  This is one of the key reasons we bridge various teaching methods in order to reach each individual child’s potential. 

Learning is a process and each child develops and learns at their own pace. We must treat each child as a unique individual and respect their process while guiding them in the right direction – then we step back and watch them fly on their own.

Montessori Curriculum

At Hummingbird Montessori School we follow a strict Montessori curriculum while infusing it with important educational philosophies. We want your child to be prepared for their next educational adventure once they graduate from Hummingbird. We offer STEM in the primary classrooms, giving the students an opportunity to have an even more hands-on approach to science, technology, engineering and math.

Each classroom has a thoughtfully prepared environment providing structure and order, freedom of movement and beauty and simplicity. We also provide access to nature and reality-based materials that further stimulate growth in your child’s social and intellectual development. Some fundamental concepts that will be introduced to your child are independence, coordination, self-direction , control of movement, self-guidance, control of error, patience and regulating emotions.

Your child’s education is focused on a collaboration of important educational practices as taught through the authentic Montessori method.  Some of the key areas central to this method of learning in your child’s prepared environment are:

  • Practical Life
  • Sensorial
  • Math
  • Language
  • Science
  • Geography
  • Art and music
  • Nature
  • Grace and courtesy
  • Self-discipline

Each lesson or project will give them the opportunity to develop the following skills:

  • Critical thinking: advanced through problem solving and analyzing 
  • Communication: established through active listening, teaching of manners and expressing their emotions and feelings
  • Collaboration: inspired when the children work, teach and learn from each other toward goals
  • Creativity: stimulated every day as children are taught to convey their ideas and try new approaches

In addition to these critical areas of learning, traditional aspects of education are infused into our Montessori curriculum. Introduction to worksheets, word problems, early literacy concepts and structured course work will help your child transition to traditional elementary school. We want to make sure all our students are ready for the structure and routine of formal education once they graduate from Hummingbird.


Our mission is to make sure your child enjoys their childhood to the fullest while learning, developing and growing into our future leaders