The Bird’s Nest is our multi-purpose classroom designed to bring out the fun of learning for all ages. Children will explore STEM, seasonal education stations, activities and special events.

Primary students will have the opportunity throughout the school week to enhance their learning style through STEM based activities. These activities are an extension of the morning class curriculum which includes science, technology, and engineering. Children can experiment, build, measure, compare and test theories from their lesson plan.

The bird’s nest is also home to extra curricular activities and a place for the children to play during inclement weather days. A typical trip to the bird’s nest would include music, art, stem, dramatic play, building materials, manipulatives, musical instruments and a library.

This classroom is also a play-based learning environment for the children who participate in our after school programs. After-school pre-primary and primary classes will have ample time each week to enhance their love of discovery and curiosity through guided play by their teachers.


Once our Montessori school day has ended, your child will participate in our play-based after school curriculum. Here they will continue focusing on their morning class topics which expands through art, building, creating, pretend play and exploration.  During these non-Montessori play-based activities, the children continue their learning through play while having fun doing it. 

Not only will your pre-primary and primary child utilize their morning classroom in the afternoon, each of those classes will have extended learning in The Bird’s Nest. Our infants and toddlers will also participate in a play-based learning curriculum but in the safety of their own classrooms.  

Children develop their cognitive, physical and gross/fine motor skills needed in everyday life through play. Problem solving, independence, coordination and language enhance our children’s absorbent minds.

We strive to make sure that when your child’s morning school day is over they can have the freedom to play, explore, discover and inspire their curiosity. They are not only given time to do this indoors but also through our age appropriate playgrounds.


At Hummingbird Montessori we provide each age group with a safe and developmentally appropriate playground for your child to explore and enjoy. This will not only allow them to strengthen their physical abilities and agilities but also provide you with the comfort in knowing these play spaces were designed with safety first in mind. 

Each playground has a trike track and access to our soccer field along with open space to freely run and explore. Our infants and young toddlers share a covered playground where even the youngest of our babies can come outside and get fresh air. Our pre-primary and primary children each have their own covered playground so your mind is at ease knowing that your child can enjoy their playtime to the fullest.

Our separate, age-specific playgrounds gives us the opportunity to have an outdoor extension of our classroom as well as more recreational play for your child. In addition, the children will be exposed to outdoor lunch, lessons, projects, gardening and more.